The way it started and now

I set-up this tank in May '08. I used the DRY START method to cycle the soil. I cycled it for 4 month. I used mini landscape stones to create the hard-scape.
Two weeks ago I flooded this tank and started planting.
CO2 kicking in (1 bps)
Yesterday I received a few more plants which I ordered from Singapore.
I like this light green color (drop checker) :-)
54 litres tank 60x30x30
2x 24 watts T-5's (lights on for 10 hours)
2x 200 l/h HOB (hang on back) Aquatic Nature filters
2 kg CO2 Aqua Medic bottle, 1 bps non-stop
CO2 Drop Checker
CO2 dissolved via ceramic diffuser (mist)
Substrate - potting soil 4cm and 4 cm of fine reddish gravel (1.2mm grains)
Water change every week 30%
Dosing Tropica PlantNutrition+NPK 3x week 5ml each time
after wc 1/4 teaspoon GH-Booster and bicarbonates.

5 Amano shrimps

Eleocharis parvula (front), Pogostemon helferi (sides), Blyxa japonica (sides), Hemianthus micranthemoides (in the middle), Limnophila aquatica (left back) and Bacopa caroliniana (back right), Ludwigia arcuata (back), Ludwigia repens (centre back), Rotala rotundifolia "Green" (back left)

I did some testing today;
NH4 at 0.6ppm but could be less the color is very light Nutrafin test)
NO2 at 0 ppm

I have some algae on glass and some Staghorn on Blyxa and Eleocharis parvula. Also some minor Hair algae. I dosed Easy Carbo will see how it goes.
I will start dosing this tank with Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium which can bind NH4 (high CEC) That should fix this minor algae issue caused by NH4 presence